Sponsored editorial videos.

I had the chance to make my first two branded videos. They are both about veterans returning home and doing meaningful work in their communities. I discovered that sometimes your subjects make great Associate Producers! Thanks to all the folks who helped me put these stories together and distill them down for Facebook audiences.

My first million!

I've been creating video content for nearly 20 years, but this past few months has been a real milestone for me. I got my first million... VIEWS!!!

I had the pleasure of joining the Upworthy original video team in September and since then I've produced, shot and edited around 15 videos for them. Half of them received over 500k views and two of them went bananas - One did over 5.5 million views and one about a dad in Oakland who admitted that he had racial biases, despite adopting an African American daughter reached over 7.5 million people!

It has been an amazing learning experience to work with the folks there and I hope to continue with their team in 2017.

Check the vids out below :D

I've pasted the links to the FB posts if you want to check out the amazing comments from people who have been moved by these stories of empathy and hope.



Pete Bell TV now in 4K!

It was time to upgrade to 4K capabilities to stay on top of the trends in video, film and multimedia production. This is our new Sony FS5, it is kind of the kid brother to the FS7, which is becoming more and more popular in the production landscape.

This thing is seriously amazing.

Also picked up this tight little wireless setup!

Below is the first video I've shot on it so far!

It's the newest Phineas and the Lonely Leaves track - The Last Girl at the bar. Slo-mo! 

Exclusive new Spinely and the Flip Phones video captured in 4k in downtown Putnam Valley, NY.

Boomer's Story - A Celebration of Ry Cooder

Here is a short concert documentary I shot in 2013 with my wife Mimi and my good friend David Huppert.

It features Phil Cook and the Guitarheels - a supergroup out of NC destroying an entire Ry Cooder album start to finish. This film won best documentary at the New England Underground Film Festival. I love this kind of project. 


Here is the show in its entirety.

An amazing gem in my humble opinion. Huge shout out to Larry Tucker for the pristine audio recording.