I am an award-winning documentary producer, director, videographer and editor. My feature documentary project "High Sierra - A Journey on the John Muir Trail" won Best Documentary at the 2012 Cape Fear Independent Film Festival as well as the Sierra Nevada award at the 2011 Mountain Film Awards. I've spent time in Central America shooting travel videos for National Geographic Expeditions and in remote parts of Alaska working on a documentary project in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. A credentialed camera for high profile events including the Democratic National Convention, presidential campaigns and professional and collegiate sports, I understand the importance of positive energy, professionalism and putting my subjects at ease.

I'm currently working as a contract producer for Upworthy in San Francisco. I pitch, produce, direct, shoot, edit, write, and animate all my own videos. It's a lot, but I'm discovering how much I enjoy being a one-person multimedia production house. 

I'm also a video editor and spent time at CNN on their Image and Sound team for multiple nationally and internationally broadcast news programs whenever I am in New York. 

Previously I was a shooter/editor for the PBS station in North Carolina.

You can follow my adventures on Twitter and Instagram @petebelltv and see more of my work at ;)

I'm also married to a phenomenal woman and video producer named Mimi. We make a great team!

Send me an email at or petebelltv at gmail dot com if you'd like more information or want to hear my rates. I'd love to hear about what you're working on!

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